Travelling in a traditional canoe is a great opportunity to explore narrow canals, lingering rice fields and fishing villages. It gives you a rare chance to see bustling village life, to mingle with villagers and even to spend a night or two in the traditional-style house with a very friendly family.

motor boat

Motor boat services are available for group tourists. Small as well as big motor boats, with upper deck, lower deck seating capacity, well furnished cabins and toilet facilities are there at your service. Tourist groups ranging from groups of ten to sixty can have an amazing experience while they criss-cross through  the backwaters of Kerala.


A backwater cruise in a 'Kettuvallom' -the Kerala houseboat- spells romance. As you glide down palm fringed canals, past vast stretches of paddy fields, dense vegetation, quaint hamlets, rural retreats, temples and churches; you travel in time to Kerala's rich past. Spending a whole day on the backwaters will relax  you as the Sun sets behind the majestic palms. At night you will be in a dreamy world with the quietness of the lake.