My Dream was officially began in August 1997, but for many years before that Mr.Hashim was working as a tour guide and had assisted many tour groups from abroad as tour escort. Even from childhood he has always enjoyed communicating with the foreign tourists that flock to this area of India. He was always enthusiastic and energetic in helping travellers with their needs and also taking them around his beautiful home town, Alleppey (Alappuzha). Over the years many of these tourists have become good friends and he is now thought of fondly all over the world. It was the reason that many have come back to enjoy this paradise and his famous hospitality. It was with the inspiration of these friends and other tourists that he turned to concentrating on tourism full time and has instigated many innovative & new ideas for tourism in Kerala & the backwaters particularly. My Dreamís mission is to promote individually tailored tours to suit all travellers with an emphasis on ecologically responsible tourism in Kerala. Mr. Hashim has trained as a computer graphics specialist but working with tourists is really his dream.

Services Provide

Canoe, Motor Boat, Houseboat, Speed Boat, Tourist Taxi, Tourist Guide, Tourist Home, Henna Designing, Ayurvedic Massage, Package Tours,  Internet Cafe etc...


A small, local company with years of outdoor experience, 'My Dream' knows South India well. From the hills and backwaters of beautiful Kerala, to adventures farther a field, we promise you a sub-continental journey designed to satisfy your wunderlust and offer you the best value for your money possible. The package tours we offer are different from others; you are free to choose your accommodation and transport. This isn't a guided tour - it's about independent travel. That's not to say you will be totally on your own! In each destination, our well-informed local representative will be on hand to make any necessary reservations en-route or answer any questions you have, otherwise you will hardly know we're there. Imagine a trip without all the frustration of hunting for accommodation or queuing for train tickets! Let 'My Dream' do the work for you and take the hassle out of your travels. We strive to maintain the standard of our services and improve wherever possible. We happily ensure you a reply within 24 hours on receipt of your e-mails or faxes and look forward to hearing from you regarding your travel requirements.