Inspite being a very peaceful State, the government places a high premium on the safety and security of the tourists visiting Kerala. The services of the tourism police, previously available in only a few places, is being extended to more destinations. The lifeguard service at Kovalam beach, which has won the appreciation of many a tourist, will be extended to other beaches and backwaters where necessary. Intensive training programmes will be organised for the tourism police and life guards. Arrangements are being made to enable the tourists to bring complaints to the notice of the Department of Tourism. Suggestions and complaints are followed up with immediate action. At a later stage, Public Relations Cells will also be set up at important tourist destinations.


The government is introducing an Insurance Scheme for Tourists visiting Kerala. Under this novel scheme, a tourist, even when relieved of their money, important travel documents and tickets, will still be able to undertake their return journey.


All tendencies that destroy our environment and our social or cultural values are being actively discouraged. Necessary laws and regulations to this effect are being brought into force.


The vigil against drug trafficking, sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS is being strengthened in the context of tourism development. In short, the policy of the government is to utilise tourism as an effective and active instrument to promote mutual understanding among various cultures.  To instill a sense of pride in our art and cultural heritage and to nurture the forces that work for the protection of our archaeological buildings and museums.