Full Day Cruise:

The cruise in a traditional canoe is a round trip starting from Punnamada Lake, taking you through the zigzagging narrow canals.  The luscious tropical landscape and the peace of the backwater is relaxation at its best.  Disembark at any time to stretch your legs and, if you want, you can swim or fish, sip fresh coconut juice or take a nip of fresh toddy (coconut beer).  You will see breathtaking scenery at every turn and meet the friendly villagers, who will be busy with harvesting, toddy tapping, fishing or feeding their huge flocks of ducks.  Smiling children will greet you constantly. There is a noontime stop for lunch at a village restaurant. In the evening enjoy a refreshing glass of tea from a local 'Chai Shop'. At the day’s end watch the sun set over the backwaters.


Overnight Cruise:

If you have time to stay overnight, catch a few fish and cook in traditional style in the home of a local family in a traditional wooden Keralean house.  The morning chirping of the birds will wake you for breakfast before your boatman paddles you back to Alappuzha.


The Cruise

Visit Kuttanadu (rice bowl of Kerala), villages of fishermen and farmers, and see the village school, the church,  and temple and factories for the production of rice, coconut oil  and other industries.


For birdwatchers

See if you can spot our brightly coloured kingfisher, woodpecker, parrot, myna bird and bee-eater. See the stately egret, crane, Brahmin-kite and grey heron. You will see lots of cormorants, Indian koels, crows and magpies. You might also see water hen, crow pheasant, Tailor birds, Paddy birds, Snake birds etc.


Fruits, flowers and spices

You will see growing everywhere all sorts of tropical fruits - pineapple, mango, guava, coco, papaya, Jackfruit, custard apple and many more. The exotic spices of pepper, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. The beautiful flowers of jasmine, roses, hibiscus, water lilies and lotus.


In cultivation

Rice, vegetables, banana, coconut and many more.


Local Industries

Farming, fishing, collection of sands and shells from the riverbed for the building industry.